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Hi, Cas Hutten,

Skele v1.8.2f5 is just submitted to fix this bug, it should be online in store soon.
------ UPDATE: it's online now ----

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Fixed, I should've checked more thoroughly when I switched from LitJson to FullSerializer.

Okay, I'm getting down to pack an update, should be done today.
Hi, Cas Hutten,

Thanks for your feedback,

Yeah, just confirmed that bug.

I'll make a fix update ASAP.

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Hi, Zzleggam,

Thanks for your interest, let me answer your question :)

Mesh-Morpher editor is designed to work in edit-time, so it means you make the modification in editor and use them in the game later.

I guess you're trying to make a customization system like in Fallout4 right?

It's a pity that, currently we don't have a runtime mesh-morpher yet.

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Glad to know it works =)

Tell me if find any other issues,

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