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We've just updated to Skele 1.9.0b1,

It includes a modified version of Animator: Timeline editor for Cutscene Authoring.

As it's still in beta state, there could still be some bugs sneaking around.

But you could take a test with that or check the included example scenes;


It used to automatically update in Unity4, but since Unity5 AnimationWindow has caught up the issue below,

Hope UnityDev could fix it in near updates.

Best regards,

Hi, Maussion,

Do you mean "Undo" the operation? you could press "Ctrl+Z" to undo the previous keyframe operation.

Also, for Unity5, you could scrub the timeline to preview the model at specified time.

Not sure if this is what you want, tell me if it doesn't meet what you need.

Best regards,

Hi, Christopher Richardson,

Thanks for the feedback, :)

I've checked the specification before, and it needs some more investigation & tests.

I'll see if I could make a upgrade to get the batch-export working.

Best regards, Be creative,

Hi, Chandra Devaguptam,

Thanks for the feedback :)

Skele could animate any rigged-models, humanoid, animals, objects, etc. But we currently have no plan to make modeling tools yet.

Best regards, Be creative,

Hi, John Lewis,

Thanks for the feedback,

We've rearranged all Skele Menu-Items under the "Window/Skele" sub menu to avoid messing up the "Window" menu;
Please check if this sub menu exists in the project.

Tell me if you have any other questions,

Best regards, Be creative,

That's great to know, I'll try downloading Unity5.0 later to see if I could adjust the version requirement from Unity5.1 to Unity5.0.

Best regards,
Hi, Taylor Moore,

Thanks for the feedback,

This package is submitted and tested with Unity5.1.0f3, so it's supposed to work on that and higher version of Unity.

But I think it should be able to work on Unity5.0.x too.
If there're many compilation error messages, then it has a big chance that there're name collision in the project. Could you post the error logs here?

Also, in order to confirm if it's caused by name collision, could you help to start a new project, import the Skele package only and see if the errors still show up?

Best regards, Be creative,