I found the Mesh-Morpher tool is now on Beta. Does it mean it can be used in the character customization, like scaling nose size, chin width etc?

zzleggam 9 years ago updated by tmpxyz 9 years ago 4
I'd like to add character customization in my game. I wonder if I can make use of your Mesh-Morpher for that purpose and how I can reach that goal using your system?
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Hi, Zzleggam,

Thanks for your interest, let me answer your question :)

Mesh-Morpher editor is designed to work in edit-time, so it means you make the modification in editor and use them in the game later.

I guess you're trying to make a customization system like in Fallout4 right?

It's a pity that, currently we don't have a runtime mesh-morpher yet.

Tell me if you've any other questions,

Best regards, Be creative,

Understand. Thanks for your kind answer.
Just tell me if you have any other questions :)