Cut scene editor window

John Lewis 8 years ago updated by tmpxyz 8 years ago 2
My CCEditor is not listed under the Unity "Window" dropdown but rather it is inside the Project folder Skele/Cutscene/CharacterAnimationTools/Editor/Cutscene, is it possible to make this a window, or am I overlooking something? (I imagine there is a C# script to do this but I don't know how this is done)
I am attempting to follow along with the "[Skele: Character Animation Tools] Tutorial of making cutscene, part 1" on youtube
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Hi, John Lewis,

Thanks for the feedback,

We've rearranged all Skele Menu-Items under the "Window/Skele" sub menu to avoid messing up the "Window" menu;
Please check if this sub menu exists in the project.

Tell me if you have any other questions,

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We've just updated to Skele 1.9.0b1,

It includes a modified version of Animator: Timeline editor for Cutscene Authoring.

As it's still in beta state, there could still be some bugs sneaking around.

But you could take a test with that or check the included example scenes;