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Taylor Moore 8 years ago updated by tmpxyz 8 years ago 4

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Just bought the asset. After deleting over 50 errors finally got scene to play.
I am running Unity 5.0.2.f1
The Skel Red and green boxes are not showing up when I look in the inspector at the Skinned Mesh Render.

Under review
Hi, Taylor Moore,

Thanks for the feedback,

This package is submitted and tested with Unity5.1.0f3, so it's supposed to work on that and higher version of Unity.

But I think it should be able to work on Unity5.0.x too.
If there're many compilation error messages, then it has a big chance that there're name collision in the project. Could you post the error logs here?

Also, in order to confirm if it's caused by name collision, could you help to start a new project, import the Skele package only and see if the errors still show up?

Best regards, Be creative,

So some good news. I just upgraded to 5.1.3p3 and everything seems to be fine. Excited to learn this.
That's great to know, I'll try downloading Unity5.0 later to see if I could adjust the version requirement from Unity5.1 to Unity5.0.

Best regards,