DAE exporter improvement suggestions

Christopher Richardson 9 years ago updated by tmpxyz 8 years ago 4
Here are some suggestions to improve the DAE exporter that could have saved me hours of tedium.

First when exporting clips automatically have the name set to the name of the animation clip being exported and then have the embedded anim cli within the DAE named the same (instead of take 001).

And setting it up to batch multiple files at once would be heavensent!

Hi, Christopher Richardson,

Thanks for the feedback, :)

I've checked the specification before, and it needs some more investigation & tests.

I'll see if I could make a upgrade to get the batch-export working.

Best regards, Be creative,


Multiple clips exporting is finished in the v1.9.3 update.

Check the document here:


Finally got around to checking this out, Oh man would this have saved me some serious time! what a great addition.

Another suggestion to make this even faster- in the DAE exporter instead of having to click Add Clip and dragging in another clip it would be nice if you could have a dropable area so you can select multiple clips at once and simply drag the lot of them on there to add them. This could make exporting many clips into a 30 second chore! Excellent work, love it.

Yeah, a drop area is a good idea. :D