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yeah, having the ability to preview two animations simultaneously would be cool.

And yes I'm sure the clips would need to be separate. Thx again!

Thanks for the reply, I suppose I didn't explain myself the best, although what you describe is likely what I'd need to do first. What I'd really like to do is eventually have two separate animations that will work for humanoids. So, I was thinking maybe have a parent object for starters and then once the animations are done they can be separated, have their paths fixed with AnimCurvePropEditor and have two separate humanoid anims that can retarget to any humanoid avatar... that ought to work right?

On the other hand it would be really cool to somehow have two animations be edited on two different meshes at the same time completely separate from each other... For instance lets say you have two inspector windows and two animation windows each locked onto the separate humanoids could you also have two separate Animation Helper windows going? That would be really really really REALLY cool.

Finally got around to checking this out, Oh man would this have saved me some serious time! what a great addition.

Another suggestion to make this even faster- in the DAE exporter instead of having to click Add Clip and dragging in another clip it would be nice if you could have a dropable area so you can select multiple clips at once and simply drag the lot of them on there to add them. This could make exporting many clips into a 30 second chore! Excellent work, love it.