Q&A: how to transfer Legacy clips to other models?

Animation transferring is possible in most situations, you need use different methods according to specific situation.

Assume you have a legacy animation X on model A, and now you want to use it on another model B;

We'll discuss different situations one by one:

2.1 A and B are both Legacy/Generic models, and they have same skeleton.
This is the easiest case, you could directly use X on B without extra effort.

if you want the clip work on Generic model, you could change the animation type between Legacy <-> Generic by changing the Animation type of the clip.

click the right-top gear icon, select "Debug", then change the Animation Type field ( 1 -- Legacy, 2 -- Generic ) [edit: for Unity5, it's not an int but a toggle of "Legacy"]


2.2 A is Legacy/Generic model, B is Humanoid rig model
1. Use our DAE Exporter to export the animation clip as DAE archive;
2. in the DAE importer setting, set to Humanoid rig.
3. the clip is a muscle clip now, you could use it on other humanoid rig model. (i.e.: you could use it on B)

2.3 A and B are both biped Legacy/Generic model, but their skeleton are different
Method 1: (Standard method)
export A and X with DAE export, get the new muscle clip (Y)
Make B as Humanoid rig model (called C), and apply the Y clip on C;
use MuscleClipConverter to bake the muscle clip Y to a Legacy/Generic clip (called Z);
Z could be used on B

Method 2: ( tricky method, not recommended in standard circumstance)
In v1.6, we have a new AnimClip Property editor,
Make a copy of X ==> Y;
then modify the transform path (e.g..: Root/Spine/Spine1/RightUpperArm) in Y to fit the corresponding bones in B;
As long as the transform path is fit, the clip will work fine on B.

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