1. General

1. FK and Display Control

2. A Simple Animation

3. Make simple facial animation

Youtube video

4. Modify Animations from FBX Files

Youtube video

5. A Standard Cutscene 


6. Animate character and prop together

The gun is attached as child GO of right hand;
click the 'B' button on UI, the bones of gun will be displayed, and we could manipulate them too.
This animation clip contains both character actions, and the gun's slide animation;
( you can see keys of "Armature" and "Upper" in dopesheet, they belong to the gun )

7. Animation Authoring Tutorials 

7.1 Tutorial 001

This is the most basic tutorial of how to make a simple animation with Skele.
Youtube video

7.2 Tutorial 101
A simple and detailed animation authoring tutorial, 
Youtube video

8. FPS Hand animation example
Check this post for further explanation
Youtube video

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