Q&A: Best workflow to work with Humanoid models?

As Unity Animation window doesn't support direct editing on Humanoid rig models, we need to make/edit on the Legacy/Generic duplicate and generate Humanoid clips with DAE exporter;

Assume we have a humanoid model called "Dog_H";
if you're going to make many animations for it, then duplicate one as Generic (e.g.: Dog_G) and always keep it in your project.

From now on, you make and edit clips on the Dog_G model, then export the clip into corresponding DAE archives to get the Humanoid clips for Dog_H or other humanoid models;

Whenever you need to update a clip, just do it on Dog_G; when you're finished, export it to overwrite the corresponding DAE for that clip;

Image 20

Kind of like this,

Dog_H is the original humanoid model;
Dog_G is the generic model;
"Dog_Attack.anim""Dog_Jump.anim" are generic clips on Dog_G;
"Dog_Attack.DAE"  "Dog_Jump.DAE" are exported clips;

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