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Hi, developers !

I have released this editor extension Skele to help developers to do animation and cutscene stuffs right inside UnityEditor for their rigged characters;

Skele: Character Animation Tools speeds up animator/indie's animation workflow in several ways:
1. Enable developers to make / modify character animations in UnityEditor, reduce software switching and tedious import/export/split work;
2. Integrate character animations authoring with code/fx/audio/gui/etc in advanced situations. Greatly accelerate authoring productivity for complex multi-character scenes (cutscenes / finishing moves / etc);
3. Make blendshape-like vertex animation in UnityEditor;
3. Convert animations between Legacy/Generic/Humanoid rig types, also export mesh and animations in DAE archive.
4. Utilize the clips you bought from store, modify them to your needs, convert clip type, export to external softwares, etc.

Main Feature list:
  • Make animation for your rigged characters with FK/IK support -- not just biped, you could manipulate any rigged models.
  • Modify animations from prefabs. Take out the animations from fbx/dae archives or convert from muscle clips, modify and get the result immediately.
  • Create complex multi-character actions with ease [BETA]. Edit the animations right inplace, and easily integrate with code/fx/audio/gui/etc.
  • Visualize the bone link, the vertices, and bone weights, etc.
  • Reduce the folder size, you don't need to include duplicate meshes for each animation.
  • Make/Save/Load pose on disk
  • Convert MuscleClip to Legacy/Generic Clip
  • Convert Root Bone curves into RootMotion for Animator component
  • Export mesh and animation into DAE archive
  • Edit multi-part meshes
  • Fix bind pose, adjust bone pivot position and rotation without affecting skin.
  • Mirror your anim clips
  • Modify Animation curve's property, path, type.
  • Fix pivot of non-skinned meshes
  • Make Blendshape-like vertex animations in UnityEditor

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Contents: [Click on each BIG BLUE TITLE to jump to corresponding video pages]

1. Overview

1.1 FK and display control
1.2 A simple animation
1.3 Make simple facial animation
1.4 Modify animations from FBX files
1.5 A standard cutscene
1.6 Animate character and prop together
1.7.1 Animation Authoring Basic Tutorial 001
1.7.2 Animation Authoring Basic Tutorial 101
1.8 FPS Hand Animation Example

2. Cutscene and Prefab-Actions

2.1 Cutscene Demo: Replace Actors
2.2 Cutscene Demo: QTE
2.3 Cutscene Tutorial Part 1: Standard
2.4 Cutscene Demo: Catchball
2.5 Cutscene Demo: Killing blow / Finishing move
2.6 Cutscene Demo: Fight
2.7 Play Demo 0
2.8 Dance Demo 0
2.9 Cutscene Tutorial Part 2: QTE
2.10 Cutscene Demo: Waiting 4 Godot [NEW for 1.6b]

3. Controls

3.1 Quick overview of Basic control & CCDIK + Constraint system
3.2 IK plane lock
3.3 IK limb Constraint [OBSOLETED]
3.4 IK pin
3.5 Straighten the limb
3.6 Multi-Mesh model editing
3.7 Slower SceneCam
3.8 Focus and orbit around bone
3.9 Pivot Mode : Parent [NEW for 1.6]
3.10 Two methods of making camera animation
3.11 Multi-Bone Select/Edit [NEW for 1.7]
3.12 Mirror-Edit [NEW for 1.7]

4. Misc

4.1 Make Snapshot
4.2 Workaround for Humanoid Keyframing Forbiddance
4.3 Sharing Skeleton between Multiple Skinned-Meshes
4.4 Use PoseManager to Save/Load pose in Disk
4.5 Convert Muscle Clip to Legacy/Generic Clip
4.6 Make RootMotion
4.6.1 Examples of Applying RootMotion
4.7 Dope Sheet Marker
4.8 DAE exporter for animation
4.8.1 DAE exporter for non-skinned mesh [NEW for 1.7b]
4.8.2 Examples of Clips Conversion
4.9 Bind Pose Fixer
4.10 Merge animation clips and AnimationCurveProp Editor [NEW for 1.6]
4.11 Animation Mirroring Tool [NEW for 1.6b]
4.12 Directly Change Transform Path of Animation curves[NEW for 1.6b]
4.13 Fix pivot of non-skinned meshes [NEW for 1.7f]

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