Swap Objects in Cutscene during runtime

CutsceneController only animate Objects under its own hierarchy.
So, if I have two cutscenes that both want to animate the main camera, how could that be done?

Quick answer is:
You could swap the "camera outside cutscene hierarchy" with "camera(B) in cutscene hierarchy" during runtime.

Check the PlayDemo0.unity for example.
All these cutscenes will animate camera, and in runtime, we swap the actual main camera (Player/Camera) with the camera in the cutscene hierarchy.
Inline image 1

You could imagine cutscene hierarchy as a blueprint.
It can play by itself of course. But you can also in runtime swap the external object with those inside the cutscene hierarchy.

For example, if you want to make a backstab animation for all types of the enemies like Assassin Creeds,
You could just make ONE cutscene as blueprint, and you swap the actors inside it every time you play the cutscene. That's how you can backstab anyone, lol

(Be noted that, the size of actor can not vary too much if you want to use one same cutscene. You cannot use same action to backstab a grown-up and backstab a dog)

The "Swap" target can be defined in edit-time or in run-time,
If the swap target is fixed, you can set it in the inspector like the picture above.
If you need to specified during play, there're APIs to do it in code.

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