4. Misc

1. Make Snapshot


2. Workaround for Humanoid Keyframing Forbiddance

Skele cannot directly create animation for Humanoid rig character due to Unity restriction, we need to use generic duplicate rig to make animation. (Thanks to dibdab pointing out) (this method should be replaced by DAE exporter, I leave it here just because it might be useful in some rare cases)

3. Sharing Skeleton between Multiple Skinned-Meshes

[IMG data-verified=" src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1126224/Skele/17/cover.jpg">

4. Use PoseManager to Save/Load pose in Disk

5. Convert Muscle Clip to Legacy/Generic Clip

6. Make RootMotion

6.1 Examples of Applying RootMotion

7. Dope Sheet Marker

When you have tens of curves in the Dope sheet, it'll be a problem to find corresponding item in both direction ( dope sheet <-> bones ). That's why we introduce Dope Sheet Marker, it will help you get to what you need immediately.

8. DAE exporter for Animation

You can use generated DAE archive to directly convert your animation from Legacy/Generic => Humanoid, or you could modify it in your favorite modelling softwares, it's up to you.

8.1 DAE exporter for Non-skinned mesh

You can also export only non-skinned mesh with our DAE exporter

8.2 Examples of Clips Conversion

9. Bind Pose Fixer

Change the bone pivots without affecting skin

10. Merge animation clips and AnimationCurveProp Editor

11. Animation Mirroring Tool

12. Change Transform Path

13. Mesh Pivot Fixer

14. Animation Compressor

15. Spline Editor

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