adding an audio clip as an event in the animation window

Bob Klassen 9 years ago updated by tmpxyz 9 years ago 4
Is this possible?  I'd like to add an audio clip at a certain part of an animation.
Under review
Hi, Bob Klassen,

You could check the video below about how to add an audio clip at specified time position in a clip,

You could also use this document as complementary material;

By the way, did you check the Unite2014 keynote? I think Unity might soon release a new director system for cutscene authoring.
Thanks, but I'm thinking of lip sync in a single animation clip, not in a cut scene.
Oh, I see,

Then, you could take the native animation event to implement it.

Just make a new MonoBehaviour and add a PlayAudio(string) method to it, attach the behaviour to the GameObject with Animation/Animator, then you could use animation event to call the PlayAudio(string) on your animation timeline.