When making a new animation with Skele - model "borrows into ground

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Have tried this with Two models. And i  am having this 
I am having this error for all models i try Skele with.



How to replicate:
1. Make a new Animation;
2. Add to animation controller;
3. Press StartEdit;
4. Press in Animation Window keyframe 

What am i doing wrong? 

Reseting to Prefab doesnt temporaly solves it, but as i make keyframes - in all frames i can see borrowing into ground (somethimes theres twitching) - even if start and end has been saved with R.

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Thanks for the feedback, :)

Unity Animation editor doesn't support recording on Humanoid-rig model, it would revert the model into the curling pose, just like what you see.

The Quick Solution:
Convert your model into Legacy/Generic rig.

1. select the model in your project;
2. click the "Rig" tab in inspector
3. change "Animation type" to Legacy or Generic,
4. Apply, done.


You can learn more inside details on Humanoid rig and Muscle-clip in this Unity official blog: Mecanim Humanoid

P.S.: some other FAQ posts that might be helpful later:

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Tell me if you have any other questions, :)

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