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I would explain Motors as being Mathematical Components ( Functions) which Manipulate TRS of a Bone or IK Target over time and the functions can also be key framed.

For eg.

Rotate Motor - Start Angle - End Angle - Oscillate Speed.

So the Rotate Motor will oscillate the bone over time without manually key framing the bone.

And all variables Start Angle, End Angle, Oscillate Speed, can also be key framed at different time.

IK Motor - TargetPos at t, TargetPos at t1 etc.

So the IK Motor will Interpolate the TargetPos from t -> t1 etc.

The "TargetPos at t" could be a mathematical formula or user key framed.

Bend Physics Motor - An Idea

Energy = Deviation(lastPositionOfTopMostBonesParent, currentPositionOfTopMostBonesParent)

Apply Energy down the chain of bones.

Editor :

I suppose a separate "Motor Time line" will be needed that will clear and lay key's on the animator time line on a press of a button.

These are some Ideas that can be done with Motors. :)

You are right about Motors, they perform behaviors on group of bones.

FK-IK are good but Motors would be much better to use. They are physical and mathematical component, and certainly not using Physx. :)

I can Rig Bones in a separate program.

I am interested only in - Bone Motors. They are much easy to manipulate and programmed by the animator.

I already use skele for work but thought you can implement some Creature features too.

You can start with FK Motor, Ik Motor, Bend Physics Motor.

If you can implement these then rest the will be much easier for you to implement.

I am interested in knowing about your Ideas about it.