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Baking Animation from IK Targets not including positions?

blueCubed 7 years ago updated by tmpxyz 7 years ago 1


I've just started using Skele and I'm following your video here:

Youtube video

I've got a simple walk animation using IK (without Hip follow) and using the bake function to create an in place walk animation.

Problem is that when I bake, it's only baking the rotations and not the positions of the limbs, therefore my feet rotate but don't move as soon as I use it without the IK targets.

Could you please let me know what I'm doing wrong or if this is a bug?


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Hi, blueCubed,

Thanks for your feedback, :)

Let me answer the questions for you,

"it's only baking the rotations and not the positions of the limbs"

Ah, the limb movements don't really involve position change, they're only about rotation.

You could imagine with your arm, when you raise your hand above your head, the relative position of your elbow to your shoulder, and the relative position of your hand to elbow doesn't change, only the rotations of your joints have changed in the process.

So, I assume maybe you really mean you didn't see the rotation of the joints?

If that's what you mean, please check:

(1) Does the rotation curves for related joints already created by AnimationBaker?

(2) If you removed the IK-target's curve from animation clip, be sure to remove the constraints too. Otherwise the joints cannot rotate as the IK-target still binds them.

You could use the "Auto Biped Constraints Setup Utility" to automatically add/remove the IK-targets.


Tell me if this doesn't solve the case for you :)

Best regards,