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Issues with Skele1.9.7 p4 and Unity 5.5.1f1

cecelski 7 years ago updated by tmpxyz 7 years ago 2


I've recently upgraded to Unity 5.5.1f1 and have noticed the following issues with Skele :

  • Frequently, I'll lose most(note, not all) of the gizmos for the bones in the animation. This can be fixed by moving the camera around for about 10-20 seconds. There's no discernible pattern to it, simply moving the camera around will make the bones suddenly appear again. Which brings me to the other issue...
  • Occasionally I'll lose the ability move the camera around in the editor. This can be fixed by either restarting Unity or starting the game in the editor, then immediately exiting.

I'm using Windows 10(build 14393.576), Unity 5.5.1f1, and Skele 1.9.7 p4.

Please let me know if you need any more information or screenshots.



I've dug in a little more. I see the following 3 messages in Unity's Console whenever the bones disappear or reappear(2 info messages followed by a single warning message):

Info message 1

Skele_SMREditor: Ending...

Dbg:Log(String) (at Assets/Skele/Common/Dbg.cs:21)
MH.SMREditor:_OnEndEdit() (at Assets/Skele/CharacterAnimationTools/Editor/SMREditor.cs:900)
MH.SMREditor:OnSceneGUI() (at Assets/Skele/CharacterAnimationTools/Editor/SMREditor.cs:346)


Info message 2

Skele_SMREditor: Starting...

Dbg:Log(String) (at Assets/Skele/Common/Dbg.cs:21)
MH.SMREditor:_OnStartEdit() (at Assets/Skele/CharacterAnimationTools/Editor/SMREditor.cs:805)
MH.SMREditor:OnInspectorGUI() (at Assets/Skele/CharacterAnimationTools/Editor/SMREditor.cs:667)


Warning message

Could not create a custom UI for the shader 'Custom/CharacterBase'. The shader has the following: 'CustomEditor = ShaderForgeMaterialInspector'. Does the custom editor specified include its namespace? And does the class either derive from ShaderGUI or MaterialEditor?UnityEditor.DockArea:OnGUI()


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Hi, cecelski,

Thanks for your feedback :)

I'm trying to reproduce this issue here on my box( Win10 + Unity5.5.2 + Skele v1.9.7p4)

So far I've no luck to reproduce the issue in question,

What's the screen resolution of your computer? There's a known issue on some high-resolution machines that Unity might have trouble convert the screen coordinates.


If that's not the case, please send your model & animation to me via mail,

And I will try to remake the clip here to try reproducing the issue :)

Best regards,