FullSerialiser/FullInspector clash with Skele?

oxyscythe 8 years ago updated by tmpxyz 8 years ago 4

Hello! I am just trying to import Skele into my project but I am having a weird issue where it seems to clash with FullSerialiser which is already part of my project. I am getting an error in Utilty.cs something about the fsSerialiser type already having been defined (I am sorry I've actually removed Skele now so I could keep working, I should have probably copy pasted the error somewhere before I did that). Any ideas what I can do about this? Many thanks

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Hi, Oxyscythe,

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Skele package uses FullSerializer for de/serialization. So it's expected that if you have another FullSerializer in your project.

Could you help to have a try to remove your FullSerializer directory and see if still has errors?

You should still be able to use the FullSerializer's methods,

You could also check out the MH.Json.ToStr/ToObj methods in Utility.cs, maybe it could be of some help?

Tell me if it doesn't work out,

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Thanks for the reply. Somewhat unsurprisingly I suppose, after removing FullSerialiser and adding Skele to the project I am getting a whole load of "FullSerialiser type cannot be found" errors from my own code where I use FullSerialiser.

Unity also constantly crashes when I try to doubleclick on errors in the console to bring up Visual Studio and inspect the error. But it also randomly crashes on other cases as well.

I am going to have to revert the changes again so I can get the project to a working state.

Is there no way for Skele to not introduce the FullSerialiser dependency when added to a project? I find it a bit limiting that you can not have FullSerialiser already in your project if you want to add Skele to it.



Weird, Unity should be able to find the reference and update the project. Have you tried making Unity re-generate project files?

And, are you sure it's "FullSerialiser" not "FullSerializer"? Because it should be FullSerializer in the DLL.

This could be the cause if your code is looking for FullSerialiser while there's only FullSerializer.

If that's the cause, please tell me the site where you get the dll from.

Skele depends on FullSerializer to do the work so it cannot be removed, but if you intend to use your version of FS, you could try removing the dll located at "Assets/Skele/Common/FullSerializer" and use your FS dll instead. (Not recommended though)

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