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Problem either with Skele or my understanding; can't find the answer

Enemyovercast 8 years ago updated by tmpxyz 8 years ago 2

I sent an email 5 days ago, but no reply so I thought I'd try here. I purchased the Skele Character Animation asset from the Unity Asset Store, and I spent a few hours becoming acquainted with how to use it. I'm having a problem however that I'm unable to solve myself, which could be with Skele or some functionality about which I'm confused.

.I have created an animation, where my character FBX (rigged as Generic) is standing still with the following values assigned to his hips (which I believe is the root note for his skeleton.)

RotationX: -0.0265

RotationY: 269.5891
RotationZ: 266.3089

I then have him turning to his right a few key frames later, with these values:

RotationX: 3.486
RotationY: 379.2218
RotationZ: 271.2145

And from there I have attempted to have him perform a rotation as an inversion (a side flip) to his left, by using the rotation tool to finish with these values at the end of the animation:

RotationX: -2.055
RotationY: 739.1045 (rotation occurs only around the Y axis?)
RotationZ: 271.213

The problem I'm finding, is as you can see the values leave him simply turning around to his right a full vertical rotation (instead of having him flip upside down as I attempted with the rotation tool. Note while using the tool he does rotate in the intended way, but once I play the animation it becomes a vertical spin instead.) I'm assuming the values would have to be dramatically different to achieve a flip, but without using the rotation tool I'm unsure what they would be.

One of the major reasons I purchased this asset was that I am attempting to make a large number of animations to represent complex acrobatics, and so this is an important obstacle to be able to overcome. Anything you can tell me about what I may be missing or doing wrong is very helpful, or if this is an error I would be interested to know what can be done about it. Thanks to anyone for their insight.

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HI, Enemyovercast,

Sorry for this late reply, been working on some difficult issues recently.

First, here is an example of side flip animation gif I just made. Do you mean to make motion like this?

I had made the animation in a traditional way. (i.e.: no constraints, just manipulate joints directly)
The most important point is to insert multiple keyframes in the middle to smooth the motion and add details.

Here're also some tips:
1. if you're not familiar with animation authoring, use the "quaternion interpolation" instead of "euler interpolation", it ensures the rotation to go the shortest way, in most situation this is what people are trying to do;
2. Don't make a 360-degree rotation keyframe, animation engine might interpolate it in a unpleasant way sometimes, split it and add multiple keyframes instead.

You could also refer to the Unity manual on this:
It could be useful to manipulate animation curves directly sometime, after you get familiar with the curves and angles.

For better quality motion:
We added "constraints system" like in Blender to help animators make motions with better quality, please check the doc below.

Hope my answer can help you make the needed motions,

If you find something not clear enough yet, just tell me :)