Can I copy Quadruped animations to a new model?

Cassandra Loomis (Cleo Lomax) 10 years ago updated by tmpxyz 10 years ago 2
I need to transfer some animations from a griffin to a dragon. Both have wings and four legs. Their bones do not line up entirely, but fairly close. Is there a way to transfer the animations between them?
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As they're not biped creatures and have different bones, it's not viable to use Humanoid rig to transfer animations.

However, if there're only a few of bones that are different, you could duplicate your griffin animation to "Anim_dragon", and try using AnimCurvePropEditor to manually change the transform_paths to match with the skeleton of your dragon.

You could take a look at these videos of how to change the transform_paths in clip;

Be noted that, you could change the transform_path to any string, not only just add prefix, as I did in these videos.

Ask me if you find something not clear enough, :)

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