Can't animate my character properly

Juan Valderrama 9 years ago updated by tmpxyz 9 years ago 2

I sent an email but didn't hear back so decided to follow up on here.

I purchased your product and also purchased this asset:


I have been trying to animate this character using your tool by following your tutorial video:

I need the animations in Mecanim format, I have been trying for many hours to get this to work but I have been unsuccessful. Sometimes because the character changes position as soon as I start animating it, sometimes because when I export the animation and import it in Mecanim format, the animation is wrong and doesn't move as expected, and some times because the character simply doesn't move when I run the game and trigger the animation.

I was wondering if you could help me, I could send you the prefabs that I need to animate and maybe you could help me in the process and once I know what to do I can then proceed with the rest of the animations. (Teach a man to fish...)

Or another alternative would be to have a refund. Please note that I would love to purchase your product again if there is native support for Mecanim, that way I don't have to export animations and then import them again.

Please let me know your thoughts.


Juan David
Under review
Hi, Juan Valderrama,

Thanks for your feedback, :)
Just reply your mail too.

Mecanim means both Generic & Humanoid rig, from the description I guess that you're using Humanoid rig.
Unity Animation Window only records animation on Legacy / Generic rigs, and we provide converters to work around that.

Please check the two FAQ posts below:


Tell me If you find anything not clear enough.

Best regards, Be creative,