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Exporting Generic Animation to Muscle - Hips data not converting?

Jesse Comb 9 years ago updated by tmpxyz 9 years ago 3
I'm having an issue when I try and replicate my animation over to Humanoid. I realized that any rotation data from my characters "Hips" is not getting converted over, which I think is causing other problems with my animation replicating down the hierarchy. 

I'm using UMA's Rig and picked UMA_Male_Rig as my root bone - this, in addition to Global and Position are all at 0,0,0 with different rotations to make the rig face the right way in Unity (think they made UMA in Blender).

I'm not sure if I selected the right root, but "Hips" is definitely not replicating over.

I can provide more details if needed, let me know :)
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Nevermind, figured out the issue!  I needed to mark all 3 of these as original when selecting humanoid, as they didn't default to this :)

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Hi, Jesse Comb, 

It's great you've already figured it out. :)
I post this animation clip setting docs reference below, in case some others might be interested.