Using animator or premade animation for cutscenes

David Rico 9 years ago updated by tmpxyz 9 years ago 3

So I've been making good progress using Skele for my little takedown animations. It's working great.

However I was wondering if there was a way to use existing premade animations, from FBX retargetable clips, with the Cutscene component. It would be really helpful since I'd like to bring in some animations we already have and use them in cutscenes, but it seems like the current system is set up to use the legacy animation system for everthing.

Is this somehow possible at the moment? I don't mind adding the events using the Animation window, but I'd like the actual animations to come from an animation package, and be retargetable.

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Hi, David Rico,

The Cutscene system is designed around the Animation component and non-premade animations.

But if you do need to use the retargetable clips with the cutscene system, you could use Animation event to call method to manipulate the Animator on models.

The key is to re-enable the Animator component on the replaced model and don't add curves for the model in the Legacy clip.

I think it's doable, I will take a try this week, and if it goes well, I will send you a modified code file to do this.

Best regards, Be creative,
Hi, David Rico,

Here is a video of calling the Animator with event to execute a muscle clip.

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