Can't make cut scene camera work

Terry Morgan 10 years ago updated by tmpxyz 10 years ago 16
I need a better cut scene tutorial, do I use the "Main Camera" for the camera? the camera moves
to another spot when I hit CTRL-SHIFT-F


A downloadable project of the video cutscene tutorial #1, where the robots are talking would be good.??
Hi, Terry, 

Ctrl-Shift-F will move your currently selected GameObject(The camera in your case) to your currently SceneViewCamera position. This is a native Unity editor function. It has been working quite well.

Could you help check it again if the Ctrl-Shift-F keeps malfunction?
If it keeps malfunctioning, please give a simple reproduce description, I'll try firing a bug to Unity Devs.
(it doesn't matter if it has the MainCamera tag)
(SceneViewCamera is the camera you use to navigate in your scene view, it's not a GameObject nor a part of your hierarchy)

As for the Source files of the cutscene, as it's made quite long time ago, I would take a try to recover it, hope it's still usable. =]

Thanks for your feedback. =)

Best regards, Be creative.
No, it's not working, I tried to move the camera to 0,0,25, moved the time position to .5 seconds,
when I hit ctrl shift f the camera moved to 167, 5.16, 1.99
and it set a rotation of -y -90.

It will go to 167, 5.16, 1.99 and rotate y -90 every time
I move the camera. However, I can type in the correct numbers in the animation window, go figure. 
It's working this way- adjust time position, then move camera, keyframes are set w/o ctrl-shift-f

Your video had move camera, then adjust time position
The Animation View - Unity Official Tutorials
I'm not doing too well, I have the camera animating, and
I animated Max's arm in your animator, but when I try to
add an animation event, all I see is ' (no function selected)'
no gui, no choices.  I could edit/duplicate his read-only
animations but they won't go onto his model, they're
somewhere else in the project and can't be assigned.
Just a small demo of a couple of actors with hello world,
world hello, plus audio would be good. The models in
this package are free to use.
Hi, Terry.

Let's take them one-by-one.

First, Check this video of camera animation.

From your prev description, I think you're moving the real-cam to your desired position instead of the virtual camera. When you click the Ctrl-Shift-F, the real-camera will be put at the position of your virtual camera, which is the problem you encountered.

Anyway, If manipulating real-camera works best for you, then just stick to it. =)
Hi, Terry,

I've just checked the unitypackage you attached. What you've done is right, except one small case:

You can see in fig.1 that  the "Max" GameObject under "cc1-tut" has Animator component attached.

You need to remove any Animation/Animator component on descendants of cc1-tut to make Unity Animation View find the right target. You could remove them by hand or just click the "Remove Animation/Animator on decendants" button in fig.2.

Then your animation event will be able to find the functions in the cc1-tut, as you can see in fig.3.


Yeah, I checked the video and found that I didn't mention the remove animation/animator part, I'll update the video of this part.

Thanks for your feedback =)

Best regards, Be creative.





I think I could assemble a simple demo scene to help users get familiar with this.
Hold on a while.
This is the new demo also as the warm-up for LudumDare, with source

Nice demo, in the real play, Godot never shows up.

click the "Remove Animation/Animator on decendants" button in fig.2.

It's in the PDF, but it's confusing, when I animate the
camera, the actors, then 'remove animation on descendants'? Won't their animations go away then?

I'd prefer written tutorials, your videos are blurry and go too
fast, but you get a plus for typing stuff in there at least.

video producer are you using?

These are the best video tutorials I've seen, I bought this
kit because he explained it so well, but he can't update
the videos like he can update a written tutorial.


This guy's a close second, bought his kit, never used it,
I understand it somewhat.

pixelcrushers youtube

I guess you're Japanese? Probably your english accent is
like my spanish accent?

Was this 'assets.zip' supposed to run? I got a 'no mech 1.unity' message, only scene was cutscene4, nothing
happens when I press play.

The 'Assets.zip' contains one "Assets" directory, merge it with a project which had Skele imported.
I have tested with empty project before uploading, so I think it should work in your computer.
Open the scene file at "Assets/Skele/Scenes/CutsceneDemo4.unity", 

If by any chance the "cctut" gameobject lost the reference to the anim clip, just look up the clip 'Assets/Skele/Anim/godot.anim' and set it in the Animation component of "cctut"


Indeed the cutscene clip must be hosted in the GameObject which has the CutsceneController component, from there the clip can control all the models, cam, fx, etc. 
If nested GameObjects have Animatoin/Animator component, it will interfere Unity Animation view to find the right clip to edit with.
If you have already created clips on the nested gameobjects, removing the Animation/Animator component on it will not destroy the clip you just created. but you might have to merge the keys from this clip to the outer clip, or just to remake them on outer clip.

Check this video about how to merge keys from one clip to another clip, especially how to handle the difference in transform path (i.e.: the full hierarchy path of GameObject )


If you have interest in recording videos, I recommend the camtasia.
How do you do your cutscenes? Animate all the characters
1st, then make a cutscene? Or do you need to tweak
the animations during the cutscene?
I put godot.anim in the 'anim' area and it works now, thanks.
I think if you go /editor/project settings/editor/version control
'visible meta files' and include the .meta files it keeps the
links between projects.
Thanks! I'll take a look at the manual on the meta files.

For this demo, I made all the camera / character animations altogether in the clip of cutscene.

You could merge your already-made character animation into your cutscene clip if you want, just tweaking the transform path a little will do the trick ( check the video I post above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=craINi0sTsk)