Cut scenes in plygame?

Terry Morgan 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 3
I want to put some cutscenes in Plygame (:SALE $22.75 asset store hurry!). Even if I drag bare
models with no plygame scripts on them into the scene, The game uses a "MainCamera" which, if
no plygame player, will spawn at 0,0,0 and my cutscene camera is never activated, if I delete
the MainCamera it's just a blank screen on play. Can you make this work with plygame? I don't think
the plygame system will load any scenes that don't have the plygame project working in them.
Under review
Well, I do understand that many developers use one kind or another virtual script tools.
But I have to say I have no enough time to handle the integration with virtual script tools in current stage. 

Sorry, but I really cannot help on this one.
I'll ask the plygame guy