MH.ObjectRefModalWindow.m_onCancel cannot be used as method or delegate error

Huang Yu-Hsin 9 years ago updated by tmpxyz 9 years ago 4
First time importing, after importing this error pops up:
(Copy and paste from unity editor console)
Assets/Skele/CharacterAnimationTools/Editor/EUtil.cs(335,21): error CS1955: The member `MH.ObjectRefModalWindow.m_onCancel' cannot be used as method or delegate


Hi, Huang Yu-Hsin,

Thanks for your feedback. =)

It looks like another plugin has put a "Action" symbol in global namespace that conflicts with the .NET delegate System.Action.

Could you help to confirm it by start a new project with only Skele imported and check if the error persists?
(Also, it would be helpful if you could find out which plugin made that "Action" and send a notification to the author)

If the issue persists, please tell me your OS, Unity version, and the Skele version you're using.

Best regards,

Ah yes, thank you for the information!
I did create a custom "Action" class somewhere... my mistake, sorry.
Will be mindful of what I call my classes next time.


Glad I can help, =)

Just to mention that, you could still use the "Action" name if you wrap it in a namespace.

Best regards,